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Answer Score Building quality control index (0-15) 6.5 Quality of building regulations index (0-2) 0.5 In what way are the building regulations (including the building code) or any regulations dealing with construction permits made available? (0-1) Free of charge. 0.5 Which requirements for obtaining a building permit are clearly specified by the building regulations or by any accessible website, brochure or pamphlet? (0-1) List of required documents. 0.0 Quality control before construction index (0-1) 1.0 Who is part of the committee or team that reviews and approves building permit applications in the relevant permit-issuing agency? (0-1) Licensed architect; Licensed engineer. 1.0 Quality control during construction index (0-3) 2.0 What types of inspections (if any) are required by law to be carried out during construction? (0-2) Inspections by external engineer or firm; Inspections at various phases. 1.0 Do legally mandated inspections occur in practice during construction? (0-1) Mandatory inspections are always done in practice. 1.0 Quality control after construction index (0-3) 3.0 Is there a final inspection required by law to verify that the building was built in accordance with the approved plans and regulations? (0-2) Yes, external engineer submits report for final inspection. 2.0 Do legally mandated final inspections occur in practice? (0-1) Final inspection always occurs in practice. 1.0 Liability and insurance regimes index (0-2) 0.0 Which parties (if any) are held liable by law for structural flaws or problems in the building once it is in use? (0-1)  No party is held liable under the law. 0.0 Which parties (if any) are required by law to obtain an insurance policy to cover possible structural flaws or problems in the building once it is in use? (0-1) No party is required by law to obtain insurance . 0.0 Professional certifications index (0-4) 0.0 What are the qualification requirements for the professional responsible for verifying that the architectural plans or drawings are in compliance with existing building regulations? (0-2) Being a registered architect or engineer. 0.0 What are the qualification requirements for the professional who supervises the construction on the ground? (0-2) Being a registered architect or engineer. 0.0



Medical building construction in Nigeria


LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — The collapse of a building complex under construction has killed 34 mainly foreign workers in Nigeria’s commercial capital of Lagos, officials said Thursday. National Emergency Management Agency’s spokesman Ibrahim Farinloye said 13 people were saved from the rubble in the rescue operation that started after the Tuesday pre-dawn collapse and ended Wednesday night. He said most victims were from Benin and Niger. Lagos state says it had ordered work to stop because the five-story structure was beyond the height approved by a building permit. It ordered directors of the Lekki Gardens property development to turn themselves into the police to be prosecuted. Buildings collapse often in Nigeria because corruption has builders cutting corners. In 2014, a building of televangelist T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations caved in and killed 116 people, dozens of them South African. A court last year ordered that the church and two structural engineers be prosecuted for criminal negligence. The church is challenging the order. Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address? We are trying to help the poor peasant farmers in an area called Obiti in Ohaji-Egbema. These peasant have no awareness of medical treatment and they depend on locally made concoctions when they are sick while some enlightened travel about 2 miles to reach the “local” clinic – receiving a medical check. Many of the locals die prematurely due to inadequate medical care. The surrounding villages Umuapu and Awara do not have access to a clinic neither. What is your project and how will it help? Our project is building a clinic/hospital and it will help them to have access to medical care anytime especially in emergency cases when they cannot travel far in search of treatment. The presence of the clinic will create awareness for the need of routine check among them and prevent them from being ignorant of their health status so as to seek for medical attention when necessary. The clinic there will also prevent untimely deaths of the peasants and also create job opportunities and training of auxiliary nurses. How can other people partner with you on your project? Other people can partner with us by funding the project or by offerings gifts in-kind. Please detail the resources that you need. US$40,000 for building the clinic. Hospital equipments like beds, tables, forceps, scan machine. Equipments for hematology, chemistry analyzers, autoclave etc. are also needed.


Nigeria road construction ahead sign means


# 25. This warning sign means? A. Winding road ahead.B. The road ahead curves sharply right, then left.C. The road ahead turns sharply left.D. The road ahead curves sharply left, then right. Explanation : The road ahead curves sharply right, then left. Reduce your speed and be alert.

# 8. This warning sign means? A. Winding road ahead, begins with a curve to the right.B. The road curves to the left then to the right.C. Winding road ahead, begins with a curve to the left.D. Slippery when wet. Explanation : Winding road ahead, begins with a curve to the right. As the symbol shows, the road will curve to the right, then to the left, then again to the right, then to the left.

Interestingly, an unintended but major positive fall-out of the construction of the Obajana-Kabba road, when completed, may be the exposure of the monumental fraud associated with road contracts in Nigeria. The 42.5 kilometre road is estimated to cost Dangote Group N11.5 billion, even though it was the sum of N5.24 billion with 30 percent tax concession that has now been approved by FEC based on the 2012 estimate, when the project was first conceived. Considering that there is hardly any state in Nigeria today where a kilometer of road is built for less than a billion Naira (the situation is even worse at the federal level), there will be questions about some of the figures being quoted for such contracts in our country by the time the Obajana-Kabba road is completed.


Building construction management degree in Nigeria


Building Technology Courses and Certification Programs Building technology courses can help students gain the skills needed to be successful in the construction field. Such coursework is usually done as part of a full certificate or degree program. View 10 Popular Schools » Show me popular schools Essential Information The study of building technology covers the planning for the creation of residential or commercial properties, as well as structures. Programs in this subject are normally offered at the certificate or associate degree level, but building technology coursework may also be found in advanced programs for construction or architecture. Graduates of such programs may work as contractors or as managers if they have sufficient construction experience; however, many construction management jobs require a bachelor’s degree with experience. Building technology programs incorporate hands-on experience through labs that may be done on campus or at a building site. Students in both certificate and associate’s degree programs learn the basics of construction drawing, blueprint reading, building codes and construction project management. They learn to construct walls, roofs, floors, and foundations, as well as other interior and exterior structures. An associate’s degree program usually goes more in depth and covers topics like field engineering, estimating, piping and electrical systems, and a capstone course may be included. Some building technology programs prepare students for industry certification exams. Some of these certifications are offered by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).


Here are some common concepts found in building technology courses: Site layout Roofing Wall framing EPA regulations of hazardous waste Construction math Basic safety Plumbing History of alternative energy sources List of Building Technology Courses Construction Drawing Construction drawing classes teach students the basics of formulating a blueprint, how to draw to scale, how to calculate for flooring, how to design beams and other key components of architecture. This also includes teaching technique for lines and letters on a chart. Many classes in construction drawing focus on computer-aided design (CAD) and educate students on how to use computer programs like AutoCAD and Autodesk. Construction drawing is usually among the introductory classes taken by building technology students, and passing is required to move on further in the program. This course may be offered in two parts, labeled by the school as Construction Drawing I and II, and they must be completed in a sequence. Building Codes The primary concern of building technology is safety. Buildings codes classes give students a background in understanding the many rules and regulations that must be adhered to in any form of construction. Students might especially focus on the local and state laws governing the construction of new buildings and structures. They also learn about blueprint and plan reading, plumbing, electrical wiring and field inspections. This class is usually required and offered in the first or second year of an academic program. Energy Efficiency A class in energy efficiency teaches students how to incorporate energy-saving theories into building design.

Nigeria industrial building construction


PROTECTION & CONTROL Dedicated to quality, on Client’s satisfaction, our highly experienced professionals are orientated to meet your project development needs and make control and protection systems that will suite you best. In cooperation with the world best manufacturers of control and protection equipment, Energo provides and implements latest technical solutions and achievements in this area. Protection and control for generation, transmission and distribution system projects; SCADA implementation, automation implementation in industrial utilities projects; Building Management Systems for commercial, public, high-tech residential building projects as well as protection and control for mechanical, electrical and technology applications are among the services that Energo has already provided, with significant results. WATER TREATMENT Water is vital to life and one of nature most valuable resources. Since there is neither a way of reproducing water, nor is there any substitute to it, we must treat it with greatest care and consideration. Energo is engaged in many projects of underground and surface water treatments. In the past two decades of our business activities we have executed numerous projects for the construction of both potable and waste water treatment plants including municipal, pre-treated and industrial ones. Our know-how and experience enable us to apply the most adequate treatment methods and obtain results in conformity with quality standards. Services we offer are: feasibility studies, design, equipment procurement, construction, supervision, commissioning, maintenance, post-construction services and personnel training.

The concept of construction project development may be impaired without a good knowledge and successful management of the impact of environmental factors influencing the performance of such projects. This study aims to assess the impact of environmental factors on building project performance in the Delta State, Nigeria. The instrument used for the data collection was structured questionnaire and the target population consisted of clients (government and private developers) and four groups of professionals who were architects, builders, quantity surveyors and engineers.

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I specialized on Logistics and planning in any production company . My goal is to provide excellent planning and offer a unique logistics Services in any terrain of challenges to get the desire goal of my organization, through a team work and passionate services delivery. To ensure that company operation is taken care, from “Start to Finish” I have my first and secondary degree education in Lagos . Presently, I work as Operation and Logistics Manager of a Pharmaceutical company in Lagos ( Mainland ). Here is my contacts; for any logistics related positions and consulting ;

I am Josephine Buseni (AAT, HND Acct and ACA in view), graduated 2013 from Lagos State Polytechnic. I desire to build a successful career in a dynamic and challenging work environment which is filled with leaders who place continuous professional development in the for. I am computer literate and have a good advanced knowledge of Ms Excel. I will appreciate if I can be opportune to have an Auditing Firm here in Lagos to help me increase myself in the field of accounting.

I am a graduate from the University of Lagos, DLI, Lagos State, I have BSc in Accounting, 5 months experience in Book Keeping, Account & Receivable Executive, 6 years experience in Personal/Executive Assistant and a year experience in Shippping Company. I am looking for a platform where i can improve my skills and gain experience and try my best to contribute to the growth of the organization.

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