Nigeria industrial building construction


PROTECTION & CONTROL Dedicated to quality, on Client’s satisfaction, our highly experienced professionals are orientated to meet your project development needs and make control and protection systems that will suite you best. In cooperation with the world best manufacturers of control and protection equipment, Energo provides and implements latest technical solutions and achievements in this area. Protection and control for generation, transmission and distribution system projects; SCADA implementation, automation implementation in industrial utilities projects; Building Management Systems for commercial, public, high-tech residential building projects as well as protection and control for mechanical, electrical and technology applications are among the services that Energo has already provided, with significant results. WATER TREATMENT Water is vital to life and one of nature most valuable resources. Since there is neither a way of reproducing water, nor is there any substitute to it, we must treat it with greatest care and consideration. Energo is engaged in many projects of underground and surface water treatments. In the past two decades of our business activities we have executed numerous projects for the construction of both potable and waste water treatment plants including municipal, pre-treated and industrial ones. Our know-how and experience enable us to apply the most adequate treatment methods and obtain results in conformity with quality standards. Services we offer are: feasibility studies, design, equipment procurement, construction, supervision, commissioning, maintenance, post-construction services and personnel training.

The concept of construction project development may be impaired without a good knowledge and successful management of the impact of environmental factors influencing the performance of such projects. This study aims to assess the impact of environmental factors on building project performance in the Delta State, Nigeria. The instrument used for the data collection was structured questionnaire and the target population consisted of clients (government and private developers) and four groups of professionals who were architects, builders, quantity surveyors and engineers.


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