Websites in Nigeria


News website Information Nigeria was founded in October 2008 and has generated a great deal of interest in a short space of time.  According to the website, “it is our mission to be the most authentic and reliable source for information on all things relevant to Nigeria and we have tasked ourselves to make this information easily accessible to all Nigerians.” With almost a million likes on Facebook and over 77 000 followers on Twitter, visitors spend almost 10 minutes reading through all the articles on offer, and in doing so, link to 6.9 pages per visit. With so many Facebook fans, it is understandable that over 23% of the site’s traffic is generated through referrals and outgoing links on Facebook. According to Alexa, Information Nigeria has a global rank of 4 934, and is ranked 21st in terms of the most popular pages in Nigeria. Over 84% of the site’s traffic is generated by male graduates who access the website either at work or at school. is bulk sms website in Nigeria that specialize in bulk messages with customize sender ID, we are expert in delivering Fast,cheap and reliable bulk sms in Nigeria.Our Bulk sms service always delivers without failure.Use our services for cheap bulk sms in Nigeria.we are the most reliable bulk sms provider in Nigeria.

Jumia is an online retailer of electronics, computers, books and beauty products. While it has a global ranking of 3 518 and is ranked 23 in Nigeria (which includes websites that do not originate in Nigeria). Users to the shopping website spend just under eight minutes paging through the wares on offer, and on average click on 5.8 pages per day. Over 89% of the site’s traffic originates from Nigeria, while a small portion comes from Germany, India and the UK.

With an increase in the number of graduates in Nigeria, jobs in Nigeria have become more scarce. In fact, the number of graduates outweighs the available job opportunities. As a result, there are several cases of unemployment or underemployment in Nigeria with graduates opting for jobs that are way below their qualifications. Well! That might be the case, but you don’t necessarily have to end up like any of them. With a proper on-line job hunt, you can come across several advertised job opportunities to apply. The only problem you can encounter is finding a well reputable website for your job hunt — especially with the current situation where the number of on-line swindlers has been doubling day after day. To help you out, we combined a list of the top 10 well reputed websites that can help you to kick-start your on-line job search mission:

A few weeks ago, we published a post about eCommerce in Nigeria. Traffic and website engagement was down on the major eCommerce websites in Nigeria; the state of the Nigerian economy is chiefly responsible for that. But despite the difficulties that surround eCommerce in Nigeria, that section of the Nigerian business club is still crowded. What’s more? There’s room for more members and more big players.

Another daily newspaper with a large web presence, The Punch is also considered to be independent of political control. The Punch newspaper was founded by James Aboderin, an accountant and Sam Amuka, a columnist and editor at the Daily Times, in 1971. While the printed newspaper has an approximate circulation of over 80 000, the website remains one of the most popular in Nigeria. The site attracts a large percentage of its traffic from Nigeria, and according to Alexa, visitors spend over eight minutes browsing news articles, while visiting over four pages per visit



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