Fumigation chemicals in Nigeria


Chloropicrin is difficult to vaporize at ordinary temperatures. In fumigation chambers it may be poured onto a crumpled jute (burlap) sack over which a powerful draught of air may be directed from a fan or blower when the fumigation starts. For volatilizing in flour and mill fumigation, it is sometimes mixed with methyl bromide or methyl chloride in a cylinder and discharged as a mist, from which the chloropicrin is rapidly volatilized.
Sniper and go 90 belong to the family of insecticides calld DDVP. It has been banned by WHO n NAFDAC. Stil Nigerians prefer to use it becos most pple think its faster. Well,let me hint you more on the reasn it was banned. You see,DDVP is a very toxic chemical which reacts very easily with the lungs and kidney just by inhaling them,which is a major cause of cancer. Worst of it,the chemical is designd to be diluted wit water b4 use bt most of us use it raw or dilute with kerosene. It should never be used by a non professional. There are other organic chemicals bt they dnt react so fast wit d human organs as much as DDVP.


Note that DDVP is a family name and there lots of brands out there that belong to dat family.We need to learn to consult professionals b4 we use any chemical because health is wealth o. I am a professional pest control officer and if I were to advice you, I would say go for NEWLION FUMIGATION. You can google it. It has been carefully developed and mixed wit the ryt chemicals in d ryt quantity so it does nt compromise your health. There is no DDVP inside and its affordable. All the best to u as u seek true knowledge.


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