Acer computers support in Nigeria

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Acer Helps Nigerian School Children to Develop ICT Skills With Chromebooks Vendor to Provide Three Schools in Lagos State With 40 Chromebooks Each as Part of Pilot Project for ICT Education As part of an innovative project to help develop ICT skills in Nigeria, leading notebook vendor Acer is partnering on a landmark pilot scheme to provide laptops for school children in Africa’s most populous country. Conceptualised by consultancy HMU Technologies NIG LTD, and in conjunction with the Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology, Intel and Google, the project will provide dedicated broadband networks for schools in the state and allow pupils to learn practical ICT skills. The project is being piloted in three schools and if successful may be rolled out across the entire state. Acer is a leading IT vendor Acer is a leading IT vendor in the education market and supports the transformation of how students learn and teachers teach today. Acer believes the most valuable part of computing is its power to spread knowledge. With its full product portfolio Acer addresses the growing demands at all levels of education, from kindergarten and primary school through to university and adult education. “We are devoted to increasing digital opportunities and to using technology to deliver better education for children. By giving children access to technology, countries can create greater opportunities in the future and help to cross the digital divide,” said David Drummond, Vice President, Middle East & Africa, Acer. “We look forward to working with Lagos State to expand on this project and roll it out to more schools in the future.” Acer, Intel and Google will provide the three schools – Odogunyan Grammar Senior Secondary School, Okun-Ajah Community Senior Secondary School and Ibah Housing Estate Senior Secondary School – with 40 Chromebooks each as part of the pilot. The purpose of the pilot is to provide a proof of concept for the Ministry of Science and Technology’s proof of concept for the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Secondary Schools Network (SECNET) infrastructure for a digitally enabled education system across Lagos State. SECENT will work on a Cloud-based infrastructure, with each school being trained on Google Apps for Education. “The Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology is committed to developing a sustainable digital education strategy in partnership with the private sector.

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This project serves to enable all learners to reach their full potential to compete in the global marketplace and apply the IT skills required in today’s high-tech landscape. We could not do that without the involvement of global vendors like Acer,” said Adebiyi Mabadeje, Hon. Commissioner, Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology. Nigeria was ranked at 112 out of 148 nations in the World Economic Forum’s 2014 Networked Readiness Index, which measures the readiness and usage of ICT in each country. The West African country has also suffered for decades from chronic power outages, requiring organizations to run costly diesel generators to guarantee power supply. While ICT training has been part of the school curriculum since 2013, infrastructure problems have hampered pupils’ practical learning experience. The SECNET project includes the provision of laptops, solar power, broadband terrestrial and satellite infrastructure, wireless local area networks, Internet bandwidth, and educational content as defined by the Lagos state education curriculum. Students will be able to access computers during class time and will benefit from high-speed Internet in the computer laboratory. By working in the Cloud and leveraging Google’s robust suite of education apps, schools can keep overall ICT costs down. “While the pupils were keen to learn ICT skillspupils were keen to learn ICT skills, they just weren’t able to practice effectively because of all the infrastructure problems that schools faced,” said Drummond. “The SECNET project helps to get around a lot of those problems, by delivering a sustainable and cost-effective solution that works for the benefit of the schools. By avoiding high software licensing costs, upgrade issues, electrical power and ICT management expenses, the pupils get practical experience on computers in a sustainable environment.” The Acer Chromebook is a super portable laptop with enough power to last all day on a single charge and a fast wireless connection that delivers smooth web-based media on its brilliant high-resolution display.


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