What is a contract cleaner in Nigeria?

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11 Comments on this article Bassey Essien March 31, 2016 Hello, I am interested in setting up these businesses and I would be grateful if you could give rough estimates that would be required in their set up: 1) Fruit Juice Business 2) Internet Cafe with and without Computer Business 3) Viewing and Gaming Centre Business Thank you. Bassey Essien Log in to Reply Yibe Haggai April 20, 2016 This tips will actually help a lot in pursuing my dream business. Log in to Reply DR E BROWN April 30, 2016 at Haggai its just a matter oif you understanding your dream settings okay i will help you to actualize your dream my number is Log in to Reply ehis May 1, 2016 hello I’m interested in setting up a private university with programmes in medicine ,engineering, management and law. I have acquired 1500 hectares of land…. pls, can I get an estimated cost and list of facilities needed like hostels, labs, e.t.c with their individual costs, thanks Log in to Reply Oreoluwa Dabi May 20, 2016 Hello @ Ehis! What you typed in three lines is a bit complex and interesting. Costing building facilities is dependent on several factors. I’ll advice you to get in touch with an industry expert. Again, you will need to do a realistic market research to make your dreams a reality. All the best. Log in to Reply JoE May 6, 2016 This is quite educating. Tnx Log in to Reply Esther May 30, 2016 I would like to get into contract business of supplying toiletries, fruit juice, bottle water and stationeries to hotels and companies. What do I need to do. I have got a registered company already, just needed to know what I have got to do next and his I could search for companies to bid the contract. Thanks Log in to Reply Akhibi Alfred Ehijie May 31, 2016 Thank you for this digest wrt to contracts in Nigeria. I am a building services consultant and I have been involved in contract management. Also I have a registered company and a handful of skillful workforce. Could you please assist me with ‘COMPANIES’ I will get contracts from. Thanks a bunch Log in to Reply ohuru abdulhamid July 11, 2016 Please list all the documents required to obtain an industrial training fund certificate by a corporate firm Log in to Reply Ogunpitan Sholafunmi. July 26, 2016 Good day,i have a mission of exporting seam seed beans to an asia country and also supply to some chiness and indian hotels in Nigeria,pls how can i go about it sir? Log in to Reply DELFUNZ July 27, 2016 Good morning, I’m building contractor with Registered Business Name, most requirement for companies need certificate of incorporation,article if memorandum. I havecompany profile,3 years audited account,…there is project I bidded for and have been award but request for bank guarantee or insurance bond .the insurance company is requesting for this. What should i do? Log in to Reply


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