Furniture manufacturers in nigeria

Furniture manufacturers in nigeria

Lifemate Nigeria tops the best Furniture Companies in Nigeria and offers hundreds of solid creations of custom furnishings in wood, ranging from the traditional to the modern design, all possessing a unique design, aesthetic with a contemporary touch such as furniture for a living room, dining room, bedroom complete, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, sanitary facilities, the goods and fixtures . Our company is specialized in the supply of furniture top of the range. We are now serving in the movable hotels, businesses, buildings and residential buildings. Our headquarters is located in Lagos and our branches in Port Harcourt, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu, Kano and Ilorin. We are a company with basic skills in the production and marketing of complete movable household.


We offer you various ranges of products at very affordable prices. We offer furniture of various styles manufactured on measurement at the request and designed by the artisans authentic having more than ten years of experience in the business; and the quality of our products is validated by the satisfaction of our customers who are always impressed beyond the expectations. We are very proud to achieve this level of satisfaction and we strive to continually provide furniture designed beyond their imagination. Lifemate furniture is your one stop shop for all your furniture full of home.

Silhouette, another ground-breaking investment by the Chagoury Group, is on course to becoming one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Nigeria. Following a full restructuring programme, Silhouette is on course to achieving its ambitious plan to become the leading furniture company in Africa. The factory in Port Harcourt is currently being re-equipped with state of the art machinery and exciting new product lines are in the planning stages. Silhouette is already geared to widen its distribution to become an all-African company. In addition to increasing the number of showrooms, Silhouette plans to make bespoke furniture available to contractors via facilities throughout Nigeria. Whilst the Company currently focuses on the Nigerian market, a full export drive is being planned to neighbouring West African countries. Working with African and European designers, Silhouette’s furniture range includes home and office furniture. All products are sold under the brand name ‘Silhouette’. Silhouette’s clients include the a number of companies within the Chagoury Group, including Eko Hotel & Suites (Lagos), Hotel Presidential (Port Harcourt), and Metropolitan Hotel (Calabar). Read more on: Grands Moulins du Bénin Port Harcourt Flour Mills Ideal Flour Mills Nigerian Eagle Flour Mills Niger Delta Flour Mills Tin Can Island Ragolis Waters Glassforce Pirotech


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